Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Big Breakfast

Who remembers The Big Breakfast? It was a firm favourite of mine back in the day.  Grabbing a bit of the show prior to dashing out the door for a train commute into the City was always a good start to the day. And, what of those Sunday morning hungover Big Breakfasts? We can remember these things as if they were happening yesterday yet these things happened more than 10 years ago prior to a life with whipper snappers aka children.

We had our own Big Breakfast this morning at way past ten o'clock in the form of bacon, eggs, black pudding, beans, tomatoes and toast. Yum. Yes Yum even after the children understood what makes a black pudding! The decision was on the back of the slight grogginess that my husband and I felt courtesy of a bottle of red last night.  This is the closest to a hangover we allow ourselves to get when still in charge of children and it's really only because there is nothing worse than looking after young children with a stinking hangover.

Our Shakespeare learning followed in the form of this book bought as used.  It's a colourful book and enjoyable for the little ones too.

Bouncing followed this. Check out the hair energy!

A quick trip out to buy some seeds with the added bonus of finding some new colouring books to add to our collection. Middle East, Amazing Animals, Garden Wildlife and Africa's Big Five all for a quid each and not a penny wasted.  Happy with that.

It's been an overall relaxing day with the children pretty much self directing their time.  This is another positive I find for taking a more autonomous style of learning, the children seem to be able to direct their own learning and manage their own time without the need to be micro managed or herded around from one activity to the next.  Sure, intervention is needed at times when 4 children start to aggravate one another and I offer up plenty of activities but more and more I see them self directing their own lives and filling their time so very well.

Whilst the children have been doing their thing hubby has managed some gardening and I have been able to read. I've dipped into the book I have on the go at the moment and caught up with regular blogs I follow plus I've found some new blogs too.

Think we will fit in some Victorian Farm before sleep and that is really how Sunday has happened for us this week.

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  1. I remember The Big Breakfast. Just today my partner had some music on from back in the day and I told her it was ten or twelve years old.
    Feels like last weeks music!