Saturday, 27 July 2013

Bad Press

I fear this blog could become somewhat of a bad press report for Southsea as the life of disrupted City Beach Side Sleep continues and some of the residents and visitors continue to bring me down. At just ten to seven this evening I am privy to yet another drunken display of loud, foul mouthed yelling bringing me to the window to see what it was all about. It seems futile to look but with my two youngest out on a beach rain walk with Twin Dad my motherly concern gets the better of me. Single white male staggering down the middle of the busy road hurling abusive language coupled with hand signals into the air to apparently no-one. Mental.

Anyway, not to dwell only to report for no doubt I will reflect on this blog at some point in the future when we have left this place. Definitely done with UK seaside living. Move is high up on the priority list. The Cosmic Supply Company knows but I will remind them again!!!!

By way of catch up, Thursday brought a visit from Nanny and Grandad T with seafront walk and Southsea Castle for most of us but not all as Twinbo 2 is still dipping in and out of this suspected virus. I think we will call it The Boomerang Virus.

Friday with temporary recovery Twinbo 2 had his Archery lesson and then joined by his twin sister they went to a group BBQ/Nerf Gun/Indoor Games/Outdoor Games event. For a few hours it was just four of us and we opted for a trip to Gun Wharf as the girls wanted to spend their *fairy* money on baby KooKoo Birds. Only Twinbo 3 has actually lost teeth but Twinbo 4's are wobbly. The challenges of Identical Twin parenting and indeed the challenges of being an Identical Twin.

We've been enjoying books. Agent S still using her fortune telling Fairy book; Twinbo 2 reading Who's In Charge among many others; reading aloud to the girl's with them word spotting; reading aloud from Tutankhamun's Tomb to the eldest with the youngest pair often coming to join us.

The eldest two and myself have covered another section of our KS3 Citizenship curriculum. This book has definitely been designed for schooled children as the scenarios are mostly school based and some just not relevant to the world that exists outside of those gates. We skip over much and consider how happy we are to live without school. I'm definitely happy that our own children are proving to be responsible, thoughtful and respectful young people without losing their minds to the crowds.

In other news, Twinbo 3 (age 6) sat at the table complete several pages of a colourful workbook I purchased for her. It's hardly stretching stuff in terms of content and she did find it all a tad easy but it's my cunning plan to see if some more 1:1 focused time with each youngest twin in this way will help encourage their reading and writing skills. Twinbo 4 opted out when I offered.

It's important to note that all our children have choice in their learning. I do not insist that they do anything but I do offer explanations as to why it might be useful or beneficial to them if they try something. They then make their own minds up. It seems to work in turning out self directed learners so far. Rarely, if ever do we hear "I'm bored" when we're at home.

I should also note that Minecraft is proving more successful in comparison to say, Biff, Chip and Floppy and my own other cunning plans with progressing reading and writing  typing, possibly as it's more in keeping with our digital era. Honestly, I suspect it's just one piece of the jigsaw and skills are acquired from a whole host of sources and in a whole range of ways.

World Zoo on the Wii has come back out to play and Foil Fashion Dolls dug out from the back of the cupboard.

Dinner's done. Batch of Scones made. It's now Pimms o'clock and there is hope that with the rain brings a better night's sleep. 

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  1. Have an extra Pimms fpr me Angela! Finn's still really missing Summer - do you have Tango? (Bit like Skype, it's a free app we use on the ipad and on mobile phones) Lots of love xx