Wednesday, 24 July 2013

One Big Jolly

01.40 rudely awakened by The Students kicking a tin can and a plastic bottle down the middle of the road from one length to the other until they hit the beach. 02.20 more noise on return. Not sure if they were the same bunch or not. Can't help but feel frustrated with this situation of disturbed sleep night after night. Higher Education yet somehow they are missing the basic social skills. Revel and party they must and they should but they cross the line often with what is acceptable and what is plain anti-social and selfish. Generalisation when I say *The Students* but fact is, it is students who are making the noise nonetheless.

This morning after yet another broken sleep Agent S practiced some more Cursive Writing with a geography theme and completed a section in her English book. Twinbo 2 completed a question of his History curriculum followed by some Brainpop. The girls chose to colour in Tarantula's and Barn Owl's obviously inspired by our Animal Encounter the day before. We have two very good animal books one focused on anatomy which we looked through too.

Soon enough it was time for our regular Wednesday Adventure Playground meet up albeit the last one for the term. Numbers fairly busy. Plates of nibbles shared, ice pops enjoyed. Slides, water action, chatting and having fun in the sunshine. We will miss our regular Wednesday slot whilst we opt to retreat from the crowds over the next 6 weeks but at the same time it feels right to have break from it also. It will feel refreshed and new when we return and probably the numbers will reduce as we head for colder, bleaker days.

Home for Sea Swimming for some and Minecrafting for others. Home Educating Life certainly does feel like One Big Jolly at the moment.

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  1. Great catching up on all your summer fun, your children as ever look like they are enjoying life to the full!
    Hoping you get some undisturbed sleep soon, it must be awful listening to drunken revellers when you're trying to get some sleep!